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A New Collection of Useful Links Each Issue


Here is an essential book on creativity: The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp | Goodreads
Many people don’t understand creativity. Twyla Tharp does. I’ve read quite a few books on creativity in the arts and this is by far the best out there.  A must read.

The Writers Digest 101 Best Websites for Writers 2023

When you get that story ready for submission, here’s the 24 of the Best Journals Accepting Short Story Submissions

If you search for writers online craft guides, you’ll find many out there. I’m going to give you two of my favorites. First, here’s Brandon McNulty, coincidentally talking about books for writers: Top 10 Best Books on Writing (Best Writing Guides).  Brandon is one of the best. His explanations of topics writers are concerned about are first rate. He’s clear, concise, and illustrates his thoughts with visual examples from motion pictures. Subscribe for his periodic YouTube presentations.

Here's another writer who makes excellent videos on a variety of writerly topics and concerns: ShaelinWrites on YouTube
Shaelin has been posting videos for writers for a number of years now. She addresses a wide variety of topics. She also has a Reedy channel that is more nuts and bolts.

NANOWRIMO is coming up next month. Gayle gave us some good resources in the last issue: Here’s one author’s take on books for NANOWRIMO: Must Read Books for Writers // Books on Writing for NaNoWriMo on YouTube

Writing Craft Books for Beginners Recommendations on YouTube.

Writing craft books in general: Best Books On Writing Craft // resources for writers on YouTube.


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